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Intelligent Improvement

A Simple Way To Engage In Your Improvement

A lot of golf pros and experts talk about practicing with an engaged mind. This is awesome advice and I think it could help a lot of players. The more


Muscle Memory Explained – A Guest Post by Dr. Golf Geek

Here is the thing: Muscles can’t remember. And not just in the way a husband can’t remember an anniversary, or my daughter can’t remember who broke the vase. They can’t


Rochester Golf Pro Interview: John Graham

There is a new breed of golf instructor emerging online and, in my opinion, John Graham is at the front of the pack. I have opened the question up to


Titleist 910 D3 Review

The Titleist 910 D3 driver features the new SureFit technology that allows for quick and easy loft and lie adjustments. It is tough for me not to recommend the new


Three Ways To Improve Your Mental Game In Limited Time.

It is normal for any non-pro golfer to feel like they don’t have enough time to improve. It is a common challenge and it is something I want to discuss