The Truth About Confidence And Your Golf Game

This is a guest post by Dayne Gingrich Because today’s players are so physically gifted and incredibly athletic, many believe separation from the field is almost impossible. I agree that golf is deeper than it’s ever been, but I don’t believe that separation from the pack is as unattainable as is being suggested by the […]

3 Tips To Improve Impact

The following is a guest post from: Alex Weir We have all seen the 300 yard drives and precision iron shots that tour players make look so effortless and easy. How do they make it look so simple? Well I can assure you no two players on tour have the same swing, yet they all […]

Muscle Memory Explained – A Guest Post by Dr. Golf Geek

Here is the thing: Muscles can’t remember. And not just in the way a husband can’t remember an anniversary, or my daughter can’t remember who broke the vase. They can’t remember anything. There are no nerve cells (or neurons) in muscles to speak of; the nerves running to the muscles are the communicating cables of […]