Charles Barkley Golf Swing: An Enjoyable Ugliness

There aren’t many prettier moves than the Charles Barkley golf swing. The fluid transition combined with athletic balance make it a move many only dream to emulate. The following is a collection of quick videos and photos of the legendary golf swing of Sir Charles. Barkley has spend time with world renowned golf instructors, and […]

Nike VRs Driver Review

The most notable new features on the Nike VRs driver are its NexCOR face technology, and STR8-Fit adjustability. The Nike VRs (s is for speed) is engineered to produce SPEED for increased distance. There aren’t many of NEW features beyond the NexCor, Str8-Fit and slick design, but it is a solid club overall. That isn’t […]

TaylorMade R11s Driver Review 2012

The 2011 TaylorMade R11 driver generated a lot of buzz, and the 2012 TaylorMade R11s is doing the same. The R11s has more versatility and a bigger club head than last years model. A favorite feature among players is the noteworthy white club head. Besides looking cool, it reduces glare and improves alignment. Aside from […]

Ping i20 Driver Review

The Ping i20 driver offers the mid to high handicapper an opportunity to play a traditional looking club that generates a higher ball flight with less spin. Ping is one of the few major club companies that hasn’t went nuts with the adjustable club head. If a straightforward, simple club head interests you, the Ping […]

2012 Cleveland Classic Driver Review

The first thing I noticed when I saw Cleveland Golf’s new line of drivers was the old school look of the club. As I learned more however, there is nothing old school about the technology behind the Cleveland Classic Driver. The driver comes in 3 different models. The “Classic 270,” “Classic 290,” and “Classic Tour.” […]

Nike VR Pro Driver Review

Once again, Nike has defied the odds, broken the rules, and completely revolutionized the game of golf, as we know it. Imagine more distance on each and every shot. Imagine more accuracy, beautifully integrated behind a powerful feel and arguably, Nike’s best looking club to date. No more balls in the rough. No more balls […]

Puma Cell Fusion Golf Shoes Review

There is nothing more satisfying than winning in style. That’s where the Puma cell fusion golf shoes come into play. As you might already know, Puma has been producing shoes for years and they’ve grown into a very reputable company. Recently, they’ve decided to expanded their customer base and begin making golf shoes- giving us […]

Srixon Z-URS and Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon golf balls (as a whole) are severely underrated. They are excellent balls that don’t receive the attention I think they deserve. I’ll admit- I used to be a skeptic when it came to this department. Nike was my one and only companion on the golf course. However, as of late, I’ve been changing my […]