The New Driver Dilemma (And How To Get A New Driver For Less)

The major club companies have a strangle hold on the market. It seems like every few months a big name brand is coming out with another $400 driver that is “longer and straighter” than the last. While I do believe in the improvement of technology, I don’t believe in shelling out $400 for a new […]

Charles Barkley Golf Swing: An Enjoyable Ugliness

There aren’t many prettier moves than the Charles Barkley golf swing. The fluid transition combined with athletic balance make it a move many only dream to emulate. The following is a collection of quick videos and photos of the legendary golf swing of Sir Charles. Barkley has spend time with world renowned golf instructors, and […]

A Simple Solution For Tough Decisions On The Golf Course

The majority of good decisions on the golf course are based on information. Golf is a game of information. The person who has more, and knows what to do with it, lowers their scores. This is one of the core principles of Intelligent Improvement. I came across this video by Dennis Sales at Button Hole […]

FINALLY Doing What You’ve Told Me To Do…

I’ve been feeling reluctant to talk about something, But it’s long overdue, so here goes… As you may or may not know, about 80% of players hit a slice. When we think about all the trainers, tips, technology, and experts we have available, The fact that 80% still hit a slice is ABSURD! But to […]

The Truth About Confidence And Your Golf Game

This is a guest post by Dayne Gingrich Because today’s players are so physically gifted and incredibly athletic, many believe separation from the field is almost impossible. I agree that golf is deeper than it’s ever been, but I don’t believe that separation from the pack is as unattainable as is being suggested by the […]

TaylorMade RBZ Review (17yds longer. For real?)

No doubt TaylorMade has done all they can do to make sure we’ve heard about their new RBZ line of drivers and fairway woods. Their latest campaign on the PGA Tour revolves around the “fact” that their 3wd is 17 yards longer than last years model. At least I think that is what they’re comparing […]

Nike VRs Driver Review

The most notable new features on the Nike VRs driver are its NexCOR face technology, and STR8-Fit adjustability. The Nike VRs (s is for speed) is engineered to produce SPEED for increased distance. There aren’t many of NEW features beyond the NexCor, Str8-Fit and slick design, but it is a solid club overall. That isn’t […]