I’ve finally put the finishing touches on The Academy, and I want to get as much feedback as I can…mainly so its awesome for everyone. But first, I want to tell you a little bit about what The Academy is.

What is The Academy?

The Academy is a brand new, intimate community of players who are interested in learning the latest in golf instruction. It will be THE place for in-depth, detailed golf instruction discussion aimed at helping you to take your game to the next level. It is perfect for the player who wants to completely immerse themselves in high quality information, as well as the player who might not have a ton of daylight hours to spend at the range.

To prepare for the full public launch of the The Academy, I’m going to be giving away a free Lifetime Membership. And why would I do that you ask? I want to get as much feedback as I can before it goes live, and you’re the players I want to hear from.

Win a Free Lifetime Membership

I’m going to be giving away one, lifetime membership to the player who posts the best video testimonial on you tube. After you have been given access to what is currently inside The Academy, I will send you a series of questions. It is as simple as that. On top of the free lifetime membership, I will be giving away 3 FREE one year memberships, and a free month membership to everyone who participates. By simply participating, you’re going to win!

Here is a recap of what is on the line…

1 – Free Lifetime Membership to The Academy
3 – Free One Year Memberships to The Academy
Unlimited – Free One Month Memberships to The Academy (just for participating)

How To Participate

If you want more information about The Academy, check it out here.

Next, contact me with your interest through the form on this page. After I reply with your free Academy content for your review, simply follow the instructions, and submit your feedback.

The contest will ONLY run two weeks from today. I will announce the winners in two weeks and one hour, right here on the blog.

If you have any questions or concerns, throw them in the comments. I’m thinking this is going to be fun, and valuable for anyone who participates. Thanks!

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