Its no surprise to most how mental golf is. But what is surprising is how bad we are with our mental strategy. We know its important and we know it matters, but why doesn’t that translate into results?

I think its because most of us don’t have a solid mental strategy. By the time we realize our mind is reeling out of control, its too late. When you’re already 14 holes into your best round in a long time IS NOT the time to put together your mental strategy.

We need to get mental and create a strategy for how we’re going to deal with particular situations in a round. If we’re going low, how are we going to react? If we make a big number, what’s the best way to get my round back on track? What is our overall mentality going to be throughout the round?

While the best advice I’ve heard is to maintain an even keep no matter the situation. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and don’t change anything. Easier said than done right?

The thing it, it takes practice. You have to get used to keeping your head on straight and pushing forward. And who’s to say you have to be on the golf course to practice?

Imagine yourself on the 15th tee with the best round you’ve ever had going through 14 holes. Have you been in that situation before? What was going through your head at that moment?

If you regularly finish rounds strong, note your mental approach and keep duplicating that. If you struggle finishing though, how could you be better? Don’t focus on the problem, formulate a solution.

A lot of getting mental and succeeding is learning. We only know what we know and most times to improve we have to know more. My favorite is learning by listening to the best players in the world talk about their game. The confidence they have is intoxicating. You can’t help but realize why these guys are so successful.

Take a second to analyze your mental game and see if you could improve. Is there room to improve your strategy? Is it as good as it could be?

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