An Unofficial Rory McIlroy Putting Tip From The US Open

What Rory McIlroy did at Congressional was impressive, considering he was a 99-1 favorite at Luxbet. There is a reason why so few players go wire to wire and win. Its because of pressure. The mind wanders, doubt creeps and our focus escapes us. The fact that McIlroy held it together and dominated for an […]

The Putting Trainer Jackpot!

For quite a while I have been searching for my collection of the best putting aids available. During a trip over to my mom’s house for Sunday dinner, I went digging through the garage to see if I could “strike putting gold.” What I came out with was more than just gold, it was my […]

Who Is Better Fit To Deal With Pressure?

Elite players openly admit to the existence of pressure. The players who succeed in pressure situations don’t eliminate the pressure; they deal with it better. This leads me to a question I’d like to discuss… Who is better equipped to deal with a pressure situation? Someone who is normally self-conscious, or someone who is NOT? […]

Muscle Memory Explained – A Guest Post by Dr. Golf Geek

Here is the thing: Muscles can’t remember. And not just in the way a husband can’t remember an anniversary, or my daughter can’t remember who broke the vase. They can’t remember anything. There are no nerve cells (or neurons) in muscles to speak of; the nerves running to the muscles are the communicating cables of […]

Rochester Golf Pro Interview: John Graham

There is a new breed of golf instructor emerging online and, in my opinion, John Graham is at the front of the pack. I have opened the question up to twitter and facebook asking people to share what golf blogs they read online. The only answer I get EVERY TIME, is John Graham’s blog. In […]

Three Ways To Improve Your Mental Game In Limited Time.

It is normal for any non-pro golfer to feel like they don’t have enough time to improve. It is a common challenge and it is something I want to discuss a bit more. There was a study written in 2008 by Malcolm Gladwell titled “The Outliers of Success.” One of his major points in that […]

Sean Foley Golf Swing

Since Sean Foley became Tiger’s new coach, the interest in his instruction has risen. I found this video of Sean Foley’s golf swing on You Tube. I usually don’t care what an instructor’s swing looks like, but sometimes its fun to have a look. The Sean Foley golf swing looks good me to. What do […]

200 Yard Gong Trick Shot

Thanks to David MacKenzie, I found this trick shot video. It is European Tour players Paul McGinley, David Howell, Rhys Davies, Marcel Siem trying to skip a ball over a lake and hit a gong 200 yards away…check out how they did. Tweet