The GolfTrax iPhone App will turn your smart phone into a digital scorecard. You can download the scorecard for more than 21,500 courses nation wide. It allows you to track strokes and putts for up to four players within any given round.

One of my favorite features is the apps ability to let you save your rounds. You can literally build a digital database of past rounds that allows you to quickly and easily look back and track your progress. It also turns your iphone into a simple gps device. As the video shows, you can get yardages to the hole as well as to key points within the hole. This makes it useful not only on approaches, but from the tee as well.

Check out the video for a brief look at the interface of the app. The yardages aren’t accurate of course, but you get a good idea of what it is capable of.

The app market has become competitive, and that is always a good thing for consumers. The GolfTraxx iPhone app is a direct competitor of gps devices like skycaddie. The advantage of the GolfTraxx iPhone app is you can get it for a one time payment of $29.99. Compare that to the the $329 plus $40 a year for life that Sky Caddie requires, and the comparison is clear.

GolfTraxx iphone app GolfTraxx is a little limited in certain areas. Depending on what you want to get out of your gps and stat tracking app, you should consider the details.

GolfTraxx does combine gps and stats, however the stats are only limited to putts per hole. There are a lot of relevant statistics the app does not cover. Greens in regulation is the number one statistic directly related to score. If you want to track your statistics in order to learn where you need to improve, you should be tracking greens in reg. The GolfTraxx iPhone app doesn’t keep this statistic.

In all however, when you compare the features the app does have along with price, I would classify the app as a buy. If you want, you can get the app from the apple store using my affiliate link.

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GolfTraxx 2.0 for iPhone 4 OS - GolfTraxx

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