What percentage of the time do you make solid contact? Regardless of whether or not it’s at your target.

I had an interesting conversation about this the other day with a playing professional and a D1 golfer.

Our Answers Were:

Me: 10%
Pro: 30%
D1: 50%

I just shot 71 that morning so maybe I was being a bit harsh, but I don’t feel like I play from the middle of the club face as often as I should be anyway.

I thought this was an interesting discussion because, in a past interview I asked PGA Professional John Graham what he thought was keeping good players from being great. This was his answer:

John Graham:I think the most common factor keeping good players from breaking out is contact. Whether or not they hit the sweet-spot over and over again.

Why Is Solid Contact So Important?

Solid contact gets the ball to fly a predictable distance.

If you try to make the same swing 10 times in a row, and you hit it solid 4 times. Those 4 shots will have traveled close to the same distance. I’m not going to go into detail about distance control right now but, knowing how far your ball will travel adds an element of predictability to your game. Hitting it solid makes it easier to predict the outcome of your shot.

It is worthwhile to focus on trying to make solid contact, and I will definitely be dedicating more time to improving there.

What would your answer be? What percentage of the time do you hit it solid? Share your answer and your thoughts in the comments below.

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