Napoleon Hill revolutionized the way we saw success when he published his study of the 500 most successful people from the early 20th century. What he found were common threads among all successful people. One of the things he found was every last one of them had created a mastermind.

By definition a mastermind is a group of like minded people sharing in perfect harmony to accomplish a common goal. The value this concept has in golf in pretty crazy. The last time you had a lesson, or just talked a lot of golf with someone…how much better did you feel? By better I mean, improved. I know I feel like I got a lot better. That’s because a mastermind was created.

The basis is the minds of the individuals start to feed of one another creating a powerful alliance of brain power. Without sounding too sci-fi, no successful person has ever gotten there without one.

How many PGA Tour players are there that don’t have a supporting cast? That supporting cast has transformed into an entourage of specialists, coaches, and agents, but nonetheless they’re all building a mastermind.

If you feel like you’re plateaued or want to keep getting better, form a mastermind. You may be surprised how quickly you improve.

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