stack and tilt golf swing The sudden rise of the stack and tilt golf swing took the PGA Tour and the whole golf community by storm. When two seemingly unknown golf instructors helped 3 players to their first win within a 6 week span, everyone took notice.

Eric Axley, Dean Wilson and Will Mackenzie went from relatively unknowns to PGA Tour winners after working with the developers of the stack and tilt golf swing. Since then they have worked with Aaron Baddley, Mike Weir and even 8-time PGA Tour winner, Brad Faxon.

Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett are two professionals that once aspired to play for a living. Each advanced through the first stage of PGA Tour Qualifying school, but never made past. They were old roommates on the Hooters traveling around from city to city, refining the revolutionary golf swing they teach today.

The stack and tilt golf swing goes against a lot of traditional concepts. Primarily the necessity for a weight shift to the back leg. Plummer and Bennett are serious about the future of stack and tilt. They set up a research and development center in Philadelphia in order to use science as an aid.

Their business model has been to rack up tour wins while shaking up the world of golf instruction. It has certainly gotten them some notoriety and I would expect the golf swing to stick around. In the coming days I will be covering the stack and tilt golf swing in detail.

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