Its as much a mental tip as it is a swing tip.  By making the commitment to hit shots you align your mind and body with a common goal.  The shot you choose to play totally consumes you.

It creates one focus.

It simplifies things in a productive way.  All you’re trying to do is make the ball do one thing.

It eliminates mechanical burden.

You’re trying to do what you can do to make the ball do a certain thing.  Whatever adjustments you need to make to consistently get a particular ball flight, do it.  You won’t be burdened by proper form.  In practice you’ll start to learn the relationship between what you do and the ball flight.

It will equip you for every situation.

Your mind will start to work in a way that proposes multiple options in every situation.  That simple thought process will help you find the most beneficial conclusion for your situation.

In practice you’ll start to know what it takes to consistently get all 9 ball flights out of your golf swing.  When you’re on the course its important to remember you’re playing golf, not executing mechanics.  Hitting shots is an effective way to keep you in the mindset of “playing.”

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