Nike VRs Driver Review The most notable new features on the Nike VRs driver are its NexCOR face technology, and STR8-Fit adjustability.

The Nike VRs (s is for speed) is engineered to produce SPEED for increased distance.

There aren’t many of NEW features beyond the NexCor, Str8-Fit and slick design, but it is a solid club overall.

That isn’t to say it performs any worse than others on the market.

If you’re a long time Nike fan, you’ll happily fall in love with the Nike VRs driver.

Nike VRs Tech Specs

The Nike VRs driver has a 460cc head.

The Nike Fubuki K shaft comes in the standard, A, R, S, X flexes. Each Shaft ranges from 53g up to 59g in weight.

The driver does come with the adjustable wrench and head cover.

Nike VRs Driver Review – Video

I found a well rounded, independent review by Mark Crossfield (AskGolfGuru). He provides a great first hand account of his test of the Nike VRs driver. Check it out:

Nike VRs Driver Review Conclusion

Every aspect of the Nike VRs driver is designed for speed. It contains an aerodynamic head that is integrated with NexcCOR face technology. The Nexcor technology uses a multi-thickness design. Basically, it is thickest in the middle and it gradually becomes thinner as you move towards the perimeter. For those of you who love adjustability, you will also enjoy the improved Str8-Fit technology.

This is a nice looking club with the flexibility to fit just about any players game. I would recommend giving it a look if you’re on the market for a new driver.

Check Out the price of the Nike VR S Driver (460cc) on Amazon.

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