Ping i20 Driver Review The Ping i20 driver offers the mid to high handicapper an opportunity to play a traditional looking club that generates a higher ball flight with less spin.

Ping is one of the few major club companies that hasn’t went nuts with the adjustable club head. If a straightforward, simple club head interests you, the Ping i20 is worth a look.

Ping i20 Look & Feel

The black matte finish, just like the white, reduces glare and reflections. It sets up comfortably at address with its appealing look. This is typically one of the most favorite features among those who tested the club.

Ping i20 Design Features

The Ping i20 driver is built from a light alloy material that results in the a players ability to reach a higher swing speed.

The unique, low density material gave engineers the freedom to distribute weight in a way that elevated the moment of inertia while positioning the center of gravity in a location that promotes lower spin.

In other words, the material allowed engineers to create a club that flies farther and straighter. Which is exactly what anyone interested in intelligent improvement is going to be after.

Ping i20 Aerodynamic Clubhead

A major focus in the design of the Ping i20 driver is the aerodynamics of the club head.

Less wind resistance means a faster club head, which means LONGER DRIVES.

As a club engineered for the mid-to-high handicapper looking for less spin and more carry, the aerodynamics help.

Weighting & Technology

Ping i20 Driver ReviewIn an equipment era where weighted screws and adjustments are all the rage, Ping simply chose to go with two non-changeable tungsten plates on the bottom of the club.

The position of the plates add to the MOI and CG placement which continues to promote a higher ball flight with less spin.

Ping 120 Driver Review Conclusion

The mid-to-high handicap Ping fan should definitely check out the i20 driver.

In a driver market where flash and adjust-ability are starting to take over, the i20 is a refreshing dose of traditional design with a slick look.

If you are a long time fan of Ping, and the performance of their clubs, you’ll be pleased with the i20. For news, reviews and instruction, get the Intelligent Improvement newsletter to finally start shooting the scores you know you’re capable of.

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