Since Sean Foley became Tiger’s new coach, the interest in his instruction has risen. I found this video of Sean Foley’s golf swing on You Tube. I usually don’t care what an instructor’s swing looks like, but sometimes its fun to have a look.

The Sean Foley golf swing looks good me to. What do you think of what he is doing to Tiger’s golf swing?

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  1. bill buchsbaum February 28, 2011 at 2:31 pm
    you emphasize plane but Tigers CLUB is NOT on plane. Its too steep on the backswing is different than his downswing. He gets stuck on the down swing . As compared to 2008 when his swing was perfect..on plane pointing straight back on takeaway and pointing straight at target at the top whereas today he lays off to the left at the top and gets stuck on the downswing. It shud be one piece like Hunter and Sean. You will get it right. We are all anxious for him to be in top form by the Masters. I use a piece of fiber board like Hogan showed in his book to make sure .. If he uses fiber board with the bottom of the board on the ground aimed at the target and the top of the board at Tigers neckline, then he cannot be above the plane on either the back swing or downswing and it will all be in one piece. Go Tiger.

    Sincerely, Bill

  2. Thanks for the comment Bill. I certainly hope Tiger gets his game right by the Masters. I can’t imagine he’ll be struggling for much longer.

  3. Hay Sean, I was checking out your swing and stance. Its a thing of beauty. I hope you teach tiger to open his left foot a bit. It may save his knee and tendons. That’s how Ben Hogen taught it and he was great at hitting those fairways.

  4. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?
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