Taylormad R11s Driver ReviewThe 2011 TaylorMade R11 driver generated a lot of buzz, and the 2012 TaylorMade R11s is doing the same.

The R11s has more versatility and a bigger club head than last years model.

A favorite feature among players is the noteworthy white club head. Besides looking cool, it reduces glare and improves alignment.

Aside from the aesthetics of the club, it features three distinct mechanisms that can be used to create a varying set of ball-flights. The adjustment capabilities basically make the R11s suitable for any player no matter what they want to get out of their driver.

R11s Loft Adjustments With Flight Control Technology

TaylorMade R11s Driver ReviewThe Flight Control Technology (FCT) allows you to decrease or increase the loft of the club by up to 1.5 degrees each way.

Adjustable Sole Plate Technology

TaylorMade R11 Driver Review The Adjustable Sole Plate technology allows you to open or close the club face by 3 degrees each way. That is an additional 1 degree of adjust-ability over last year’s model.

Movable Weight Technology For The R11s

TaylorMade R11s Driver Review The TaylorMade R11s driver uses Movable Weight Technology which consists of two weighted screws (10g & 1g). Adjusting the screws will alter the clubs center of gravity. Depending on how you set up the screws, they will promote either a neutral ball flight or a draw.

The 10g weight in the heel promotes a draw by moving the center of gravity toward the heel. Having the 10g weight on toe shifts the center of gravity to the toe which promotes a neutral ball flight.

R11s Driver Review Conclusion

The adjustable driver head is common among the most popular clubs on the market. The R11s is testing the limits of what is possible with added flexibility in loft, weight, and angle options you can choose from.

If you are looking for a driver with maximum flexibility, and the freedom to make changes on the fly, the R11s is worth a look.

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