taylormade rbz review No doubt TaylorMade has done all they can do to make sure we’ve heard about their new RBZ line of drivers and fairway woods.

Their latest campaign on the PGA Tour revolves around the “fact” that their 3wd is 17 yards longer than last years model. At least I think that is what they’re comparing the RBZ to.

Regardless, the fact is RocketBallz has generated RocketBuzz (witty, I know)…and along with that buzz comes a number of different opinions.

So what I’ve done is collect opinions from either side of the debate, then asked you to weight in with what you think in the comments.

I found quite a bit of prace for the TaylorMade RocketBallzvia Twitter. Here are a few tweets I received about the RBZ…

taylormade rbz review
taylormade rbz review
taylormade rbz review

Without question, there are a lot of happy players putting the new technology to work.

But what about the flip side?

I found this video by Mark Crossfield. In it he conducts a side-by-side comparison between the RBZ 3wd and last years Superfast 2.0 3wd. Watch it to see what he discovers…

What do you think?

There are without a doubt varying opinions concerning the hype.

From what I’ve seen, people who have had a chance to hit the club…love it!

Most of the detractors are people who simply don’t buy the hype…which might also be valid.

What do you think of the RBZ hype? True? Weak? Other? Does it even need to go 17 yards further for you to love it?

Let us know in the comments.

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