The Titleist 910 D3 driver features the new SureFit technology that allows for quick and easy loft and lie adjustments. It is tough for me not to recommend the new line of Titleist drivers. It is just a matter of picking the right club for you.

With the implementation of USGA guidelines that regulate the construction of a head, the club companies seem to be finding new and innovative ways to improve their products. Titleist’s SureFit technology allows you to choose from 12 loft and lie combinations.

Check out Geoff Ogilvy’s take on the new Titleist 910 D3 driver. He seems impressed. Not that we should be surprised considering his contractual obligations, but none the less, he likes it.

What’s New About The Titleist D3 Driver?

The biggest addition is without a doubt the SureFit technology. Taylormade has something similar available for the last few years, and Titleist seems to be catching up. Besides the adjustability, the D3 features a 10% larger sweet spot than last years model. The advantages of a bigger sweat spot doesn’t need to be explained much.

The selection of shafts have continued to expand and the Titleist 910 line is not an exception. The D3 comes in a variety of premium shafts, including a few that are acutally suitable for low handicaps and high swing speeds. Thank goodness!

The RIP 60 is one of Alidila’s newest shafts, and it is available on the D3 directly from the factory. The Titleist 910 D3 also comes with any of the following shafts:

The lower handicap with a little higher swing speed is going to be most interested in the Project X Tour Issue X-7C3 or Mitsubishi’s Rayon Diamana ‘ahina 72. They are the only two shafts that come in an X-flex from Titleist and they are a bit heavier as well.

With little wiggle room for major golf equipment companies to create innovative drivers, I have to impressed with what they have been able to do. I’m a life long Titleist advocate and I don’t see that changing any time soon based on the release of the 910 D3 driver.

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