Titleist AP2 Irons ReviewThe Titleist AP2 line has become one of the more desirable clubs on the market among mid to low handicaps.

The 712 model (712 = 2012) is strong addition to the long line of impressive AP2 models.

Titleist was able to increase the irons moment of inertia (MOI) without eliminating the “playablity” of the club. Titleist was able to do this using two tungsten plugs in the club head. This consequently puts more weight on the perimeter which increases MOI.

The AP2 712’s MOI is 7% more than the AP2 710 model

What Do Players Think?

The overall consensus was positive towards the AP2. Titleist was able to maintain the feel players love about the AP2 while moving more weight to the perimeter.

The knock on the club was a slight loss in distance.

Titleist AP2 712 Technology

The forged carbon steel body has two tungsten plugs to help increase moment of inertial by 7 percent. The result is more shots starting on line and traveling a predictable distance. The cavity has an aluminum-elastomer insert to improve feel. A narrower sole in short irons also helps with how the club interacts with the turf through impact.

Whether you are a Titleist fan or not, the AP2 712 is worth a look. It may just be the model that turns you into a super fan for many years to come.

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