aimpoint golfI’d like to talk about one of the hottest developments in golf instruction today.

AimPoint Golf has created a green reading method that helps players determine the exact break of their putt.

As more and more PGA Tour, European Tour and LPGA Tour players start to use it–with success–AimPoint Golf is quickly becoming THE authority on reading greens.

Though there are some misconceptions about AimPoint green reading, I do believe it can be valuable for every player to learn.

It might seem crazy to think a green reading “system” can work on every and any green, right? But by considering the slope, green speed and your position in relation to the straight putt, or “zero line”, AimPoint can help you find the exact amount of break your putt will have.

In an interview with John Graham, one of the few Level 2 certified AimPoint instructors, he explained:

“Aimpoint in its purest sense is a way to enhance feel. There are many things on the green that still need to be estimated when playing golf in real time. The players inherent feel needs to be used to help with these situations. AimPoint is not designed to replace feel with math and numbers. AimPoint is designed to enhance the feel a player already has.”

While AimPoint might seem like a system that will replace what you already do, it is in fact a method that can make you better at what you already do. It fills in the gap for “how to read greens” that has existed in golf instruction for a long time.

To learn more, return to Tip It Out’s AimPoint Golf resource center, or visit John Graham Golf for his detailed resource on green reading.

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  1. Didn’t Pelz have some big idea about this as well? Something about finding the point to the right or left of the hole and hitting each putt as a straight putt rather than trying to hit a looping putt that breaks down to the hole. Because it is far easier for any golfer to concentrate on hitting a straight putt to a fixed point than trying to hit a breaking putt that moves 3 feet.

    I like this idea, although it isn’t something that I always follow and go with.

  2. The Pelz concept is similar. However, where Aimpoint goes above and beyond that is, it gives can determine exactly where to aim. Aimpoint is more about green reading than it is your putting stroke.

  3. That makes sense. The whole point of the Pelz idea was that it took a lot of green-reading aspect out of it. And that is what tends to baffle most inexperienced players. It tried to simplify putting down to determining the point to aim at, and making a good stroke on the ball. In my opinion, it took too much green reading out of it.

  4. I used to think I was a great green reader, but the more I play, the more I think speed is the key to making any putt–much more important that the exact break of the green.

    I generally think of where the water would run if I spilt some on the green, and then figure out how fast I can roll it into the cup. Sometimes works, and staying below the hole is so important!

  5. I agree completely. The most important piece of hitting a putt is speed. Aimpoint gives you a read based on the speed of a putt that runs 18 inches past. That seems to be the determining factor of a make or miss once you have aimpoint down…did you hit it the right speed.

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