The fundamentals of the stack and tilt golf swing are often times misrepresented. I have put together this article in order to provide accurate explanation of the stack and tilt fundamentals. The contents of this post have been compiled from various articles published by Plummer and Bennett specifically (creators of the stack and tilt).

stack and tilt golf swingThe Stack and Tilt Setup:
These are the main points of the setup.

Getting your shoulders over the hips gets you ready for the circular turn. Pointing your toes out seems to give you a wider base for maintaining balance. I found tilting my chin down allowed it to stay stationary throughout the swing. Keeping your head still is something emphasized throughout the stack and tilt, and it is something that is contrary to what a lot of advanced golf instructors believe.

stack and tilt golf swing Stack and Tilt Takeaway:
The unique movements begin on the takeaway.

The weight shift, leg flex and leg extension all contradict traditional fundamentals. It is what most golf professionals object to first. The reason the take away is like this is to set the body up in a position that puts the bottom of the swing in front of the golf ball.

stack and tilt golf swingStack and Tilt Downswing:
A well executed takeaway sets-up a downswing that bottoms out in front of the ball.

The square shoulders at impact contradict Jim Hardy and the one plane swing. Hardy believes the shoulders and hips should clear the ball first, dragging the arms hands and clubs behind.

stack and tilt golf swing Stack and Tilt Follow Through:

The key to finishing the swings shifting your hips completely through the golf ball while standing up.

The Stack and Tilt golf swing has been under a lot of fire for its unorthodox approach to teaching the golf swing. Whether you are a supporter or not, the technique has proven to both be successful and unique. Any great golf instructor would serve themselves well by taking a closer look at the ins and outs of the swing.

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The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing

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  1. I have not tried your theory yet but I like the idea of staying away from the rear leg never holding any of the weight shift to front leg. It often is inefficiently shifted to front side or at times very little at all. This likely results in a impact of golf ball correctly leading the divot ahead of ball/target side. We’ll see and I’ll prefer my weight at a 60/40% weight distribution.

  2. I have tried the Stack and Tilt golf swing for 5 rounds now and each time I am hitting the ball better, further and more consistantcy, I’m hooked and can’t see me changing away from it in the near future. Thanks.

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