The Truth About How To Hit A Draw (And Why You’ve Been Mislead By Obsolete Information)

McIlroy US Open Putting

[Note #1: If you’ve been trying to correct your slice without any luck, or you want to develop a nice soft draw, read this to the end. What you discover might shock you.]

Ok, Lets Get Started

My name is Wes Reynolds, I am Director of Instruction at Tip It Out golf.

I wrote this report to reveal the truth about what it takes to ACTUALLY hit a draw.

I’ve spent the last few years talking with players and I discovered that a draw is one of the most elusive shots in the game. For some reason so many players struggle to hit it.

Being the inquisitive type that I am, I HAD to find out why.

What I discovered completely blew my mind.

I found information from hundreds of “experts” on the topic. I spent 19 hours on YouTube, I thumbed through 26 past issues of Golf Digest, I read 52 blog posts, and I even spent a few too many hours on 4 major golf forums.

Everything I found was the same old recycled garbage that has 80% of the golf world hitting an uncontrollable slice that flies 15-20 yards SHORTER than it should.

Needless to say I was fed up with what I found, so I went on a mission to uncover the truth about hitting a draw.

As I typically do, I turned to science for an answer that is based on FACTS.

The thing I love about science — more specifically physics — is, scientific proof has no opinion. Scientists don’t just “think” they know something because that’s what it “feels” like it should be.

I know A TON of players who try to change their golf swing by doing what they FEEL like they should do. There is no rhyme or reason for the adjustments — and as a result — their game almost always gets worse. You might have even met this type of guy on the range that starts spouting off tips based on nothing but the whims of his uninformed opinion.

Now physicists on the other hand, they actually search for the answers. They use technology, they conduct experiments, and they draw conclusions based on the evidence they gather.

I bet that sounds a bit more involved than your average session at the range. But don’t worry, we don’t need to understand the nitty-gritty calculations in order to enjoy the full benefits of the world’s best golf information.

The fact is, science-based golf instruction is the most logical instruction there is, as long as the player isn’t bound by the limitations set by obsolete information.

The Truth About Hitting A Draw

If you struggle with a slice, or if you can’t hit a draw to save your life, it really isn’t your fault.

I talk with players every day who still can’t get it, even though they tell me they:

  • Read tons of books
  • Watch hours of YouTube videos
  • Take hours of lessons at $100 per (OR MORE!)
  • Change their grip
  • Flatten their swing
  • …plus a whole lot more

The truth is, most of those sources do not address the facts. Most of those sources were put together using INCOMPLETE information.

And if you were never told how the golf swing ACTUALLY works, the game is definitely WAY harder than it needs to be.

If you want to CONTROL the curve of your golf ball, you have to understand how the science of the golf swing, and you have to know how to CONTROL your golf club.

It isn’t as difficult as you might think because everyone who has a golf swing is already manipulating the club in some way, shape, or form.

You simply need the RIGHT information so you can learn the RIGHT WAY to manipulate your golf club.

In Come’s Physics

This is why golf physicists are brilliant. They use a whole discipline of science to figuring this stuff out.

The problem is, they’re scientists.

If you’ve ever read a physics theory, written by a physicist, you know what I mean. They don’t exactly write using “common” language, and its often difficult to get clear actionable fixes out of the stuff.

A book titled The Physics of The Golf Swing is a perfect example of what I mean. Below is a photo from The Physics of Golf. Its trying to explain the mechanics of the downswing.

(Below is a photo from the physics of the golf swing to give you a little taste of how they do it.)
how to hit a draw

If you’re into that type of thing, more power to you.

But if you’re like me, you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your golf swing so it actually sticks.

The truth about how to hit a draw is, it takes a scientific understanding of impact to pull off. Until recently no one but the top pros in the world had access to the information, so pros went passing on inaccurate information.

Get The Science of How To Hit a Draw in Easy to Understand Terms

What I’ve done is taken the science of how to hit a draw, and translated it into every day terminology you can apply directly to your swing.

I’ve developed a set of easy to follow adjustments you can use to hit an ACCURATE draw on a regular basis.

You see, the science of the game deals with the facts, and I’m not the type of person who can share anything but the best there is. Science is the best there is.

I’m looking for a select group of serious players who are interested in a simple eBook that reveals “The New Law of Hitting a Draw.” The book is a work in progress, so I’m offering it at a discounted price in exchange for your feedback.

How To Hit A Draw (And Why Thousands of Pros Get It Wrong)

Discover THE TRUTH about how to consistently hit an ACCURATE draw.

This guide is PERFECT for players who are sick of mediocre results. It is specifically for players that know they are capable of getting A LOT MORE out of their game.

This might be the MOST VALUABLE golf instruction you ever discover, even if you’re just getting started.

I’ve been doing A LOT of research to help players take control of their game once and for all. And I wrote “The New Law of Hitting a Draw” in order to end your frustration and confusion about controlling your ball flight once and for all.

Some players want to hit it further, some players just want to hit flashy flop shots…

But do you know the number one statistic directly related to lower scores?

According to the PGA Tour, MORE greens in regulation means LOWER scores.

That means the more ACCURATE you are, the LOWER SCORES you shoot. We can’t refute the facts.

“The New Law of Hitting a Draw” shows you how to control the flight of your golf ball on a regular basis.

The Material Inside “The New Law of Hitting a Draw” Will:

  • Eliminate Your Frustrating Slice
  • Put You In Command Of Your Golf Ball
  • Get You To Hit It Further, With More Roll
  • Help You Shoot Lower Scores On A Regular Basis

I will have this offer available at this price for long, and I’m only looking for a select group of players who are interested in getting their hands on one of the MOST REVEALING pieces of golf instruction in existence today.

Inside “The New Law of Hitting a Draw” You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 Critical Pieces Of The Golf Swing
  • The #1 Mistake Most Players Make, And How To Avoid It
  • Simple Drills To Control WHAT MATTERS In Your Golf Swing
  • …plus a whole lot more!!

Ok, so how much does “The New Law of Hitting a Draw” Cost?

If you’ve ever taken private lessons, you know they cost $100/hour OR MORE, and most of the time you don’t even improve in that 60 minutes on the range.

The information in this book is worth AT LEAST 5 private lessons. But I’m not going to charge you $500 for it.

There are other golf “experts” selling out-dated junk that isn’t based on science, and they’re getting $100 or more for those programs.

I’m not going to charge $100 for the book.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to charge for this when I release it to the general public, but I know it will be more. I am eager to get feedback from players, so I want to make this a no-brainier for anyone who is seriously interested.

So for a limited time, you can get access to the eBook for just $17. In addition to the low price, you will be a Lifetime VIP at Tip It Out Golf.

What Are The Perks Of Being a VIP

1) Exclusive access to WORLD CLASS golf instruction that is better than most stuff online right now.

2) Lifetime updates to “The New Law of Hitting a Draw”. Which might include videos, webinars, or golf “mastermind” groups in the future.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Just in case you’re unsure, I want to raise the stakes and put all the pressure on me. If for some reason you aren’t happy with the material, or you’re just having a bad day, simply send my support staff a quick email within the first 60 days and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked, and we’ll part as friends. In all honesty if I can’t sincerely improve your game, I don’t deserve your money so I won’t keep it.

So What Next?

To get VIP access to “The New Law of Hitting a Draw” before anyone else, click the “Add to Cart” button below.

Immediately after check out you will be sent an email with access to “The New Law of Hitting a Draw”

P.S. If you’ve been struggling with your game, and you’re sick of trying all the same old recycled crap that’s on TV, give the eBook a try for a full 60 days. Its completely risk free, and I have a feeling it’ll completely transform your game for the better.

Click Here For Instant Access

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