There are three key moves that make up the stack and tilt golf swing. Each is equally important and it is what makes stack and tilt so unique. The moves contradict traditional golf instruction fundamentals, however they are what the stack and tilt what it is.

stack and tilt golf swing Key Move #1: Stay on your front foot through the backswing.
Traditional golf instruction teaches a conscious weight shift from the front foot to the back. Stack and Tilt completely disregards this. You actually want to keep your weight on your front foot throughout the back swing. This may seem like you are sacrificing power, and you probably are. However you will hit the solid more consistently which will allow you to hit it further more often.

stack and tilt golf swing

Key Move #2: Spine tilted forward at the top.
When you properly turn your shoulders in a circle, your spine naturally tilts towards the target. Couple this staying on your front foot and it might feel like you are already in front of the golf ball. Some of the best ball strikers of all time, pre-stack and tilt, have a this exact tilt in their spine. Freddy Couples, Sergio Garcia and Colin Montgomerie to name a few.

stack and tilt golf swing Key Move #3: Slide Hips Through the Ball
Sliding your hips accomplishes two things. It shallows out your decent and it promotes coming to the ball from the inside. Sliding your hips instead of turning them prevents your body from dragging the golf club across the ball. This is particularly good for slicers.

As you can see there are a lot of working parts in the stack and tilt golf swing. Each movement promotes another movement which ultimately promotes more frequent solid strikes. That is essentially the goal of the stack and tilt, to hit it solid more often.

I’m not entirely surprised by some golf instructors distaste of stack and tilt. If one part of it is analyzed in a vacuum it wouldn’t fit in with the whole of a fundamental golf swing. Once you start piecing the entire stack and tilt golf swing together however, the logic becomes clear, and you might just start to understand the hottest new golf swing in years.

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The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing

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  1. I am a new student of and proponent of stack and tilt what current day tour players do you suggest I watch for reinforcement?

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