Callaway Tour I S Golf Ball Review

callaway tour i s reviewDo you want the inside scoop on how the newest callaway golf ball actually performs?

This callaway tour i s review is written with you in mind. I played 18 holes with the new golf ball, and this is my detailed review of what I found.

The callaway website is a bit vague, and “hypey” in their description of the golf ball. That isn’t surprising thought, they do want to sell golf balls after all.

What I have created is an independent, 3rd party opinion you can trust. To do that, I took the callway tour i s golf ball out on the course, and then wrote up a detailed review based on my results.

Callaway Tour IS Review

I will critique the tour i (s) using four main criteria. The criteria are, distance, curve, control, and feel. After 18 holes with the callaway tour i(s) at my home course, this is what I found.

Off the tee and with my irons I did notice that the golf ball traveled further than usual. On average, I had ½ to 1 whole club shorter into most greens. It took me a few holes to get used to, but once I identified the increased distance, I was hitting the ball predictably further.

NOTE: With all criteria, I was sure to honestly asses the quality of my contact, my lie and any other independent factors that might have played a role in the flight of the golf ball.

I don’t curve the ball both ways very often. I would say 9 out of 10 shots I play a left to right shot, which is the shape I am most comfortable with. I did not notice at any point, a shot curving more or less than I would have expected, considering the quality of my contact and other factors.

Spin and control from 100 yards in is what players want right? While I believe there are a lot more factors than your golf ball that play a role in how much spin your ball gets, the ball does matter. The callway tour i s spun a predictable amount off my wedges. There were no mid range wedgshots that released unexpectedly or ripped back more than they should.

Predictability is more important than creating one, consistent performance. Players that want their ball to react exactly the same way, every single time are chasing an ideal the doesn’t consider the reality of influential factors such as lie, wind, firmness and more. I felt the tour i s golf ball was easy to control because of its predictability.

This was my biggest issue during the callway tour i s review. It just didn’t feel all that great. It is made with a “thermoset urethane” cover, which means it is heated up in order to make it more firm. This certainly shows in the feel of the golf ball. Off my wedges and on the putter, it felt more like a cheap range ball. It is important to note however, this didn’t effect the performance of the golf ball as much as you’d think. It just left a dirty little taste in my mouth after each “clicky” pitch.

Technology Behind The Callway Tour i(s)

callaway tour i s reviewThe technology is what sets the ball apart. Here is an inside look at exactly what callaway has done to engineer a unique golf ball that performs well.

HEX Dimple Design
This is the pillar technology of all callaway golf balls. It is a unique way to reduce drag and help with predictability. I’ve never been a fan, and it may actually enhance the undesirable feel of the golf ball, but performance wise it is still up there with the best balls on the market.

Dual Core
We’re seeing more and more ball companies mess around with the core of the golf ball. The last major invention in golf ball was the two piece center (Pro V1). Callaway has taken it one step further and added another piece to the center. I don’t completely understand HOW having a second core creates the performance they claim, but it is suppose to increase distance, and improve control. Just like every other golf ball.

Thermoset Urethane Cover
Urethane covers are common among the top “players” balls. Callway’s thermoset cover appears to make it harder. It definitely gives it a unique feel, but I fear it might be a feel that turns a lot of players off. Most players want the feel of their golf ball to be in line with its performance. Therefore a softer ball gives them the perception of more spin. The callaway tour i s doesn’t quite have that in line.

Where Can You Buy Callaway Tour i(s) Golf Balls

The number one resource for buying most golf equipment online is amazon. That is definitely the case with the tour i s golf ball as well.

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