Callway Razr Hawk Driver Review

callaway razr hawk driverIt sure does look sweet next to that lambo, doesn’t it?

As I do with every review, I’m going to try and ignore the marketing message and dig into the nitty-gritty. What makes (or doesn’t make) the Callaway Razr Hawk Driver a good choice for your golf bag.

The Callaway line of drivers over the years has been…uhm…distinct to say the least.

The Razr Hawk continues that tradition by keeping the traditional look and feel delivered by Callaway. One major difference between the Razr hawk and past Callaway models is the lack of an I-Mix option.

Previously, i-mix would allow players to change out shafts quickly and easily. It would also let them change the angle at which the club face sat. Theoretically with i-mix, if you began to develop a ball flight that curved too much to the right, you could use the wrench and close the club face a bit. I’m not a fan of adjustable heads, but more and more major club companies are offering the option. It is noteworthy to state the Callaway Razr Hawks is not quickly and easily adjustable. Whether this is a good or bad thing can be determined on a player by player basis.

What Is The Driver Made Of?

Callaway boasts its forged composite as “A game changing new club head material developed in collaboration with researchers from two internationally recognized universities and super car icon Lamborghini.” The whole Lambo-sweetness all makes sense now! If you want, you can go here to learn a bit more about forged composite and how its used in the Razr Hawk.

If you don’t want the long explanation however, I’ll paraphrase here. Forged composite is lighter and stronger than titanium. That presumably produces faster club head and ball speeds, which in turn creates…longer drives (duh!). Its better than titanium, but it also grants engineers a lot more control over where the weight of the club is distributed. This is because the forged composite is made up of woven strands. Better performance and better engineering, backed up by science. I dig it.

Shaft Options For The Callaway Razr Hawk Driver

callaway razr hawk driverStock shaft options are becoming a great way for companies pile on value. To date, the Titleist 910 D2 and D3 models have offered the most shaft variety, with four different options. Callaway is on the opposite end of the variety however, only offering one, the Aldila RIP. To Callaway’s credit however, the shaft is made up of their aforementioned forged composite.

Callaway Razr Hawk Head Options

There are three different club head options. Depending on your playing ability and ball flight tendancy, picking the right head is crucial.

Razr Hawk Neutral:
This is perfect for the player that doesn’t want the look and performance of a closed club face at address, but still wants the forgiveness of a bigger club face and sweet spot.

Razr Hawk Draw:
This is identical to the neutral, with a slightly bigger head, but it also has a closed club face. This helps square the club face at impact. It is most beneficial to slicers, which is 80% of players.

Razr Hawk Tour:
This would be the best choice for a lower handicap that likes to go both ways off the tee. It is a slightly smaller club head and it sets up neutral at address.

I do like that Callaway has decided to expand the forged compositive technology into a complete, player friendly line of drivers. While the true yes or no decision needs to be made by the individual player, I do recommend putting the Callaway Razr Hawk driver on your short list of clubs to consider.

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For a bit of fun and celebrity endorsement, check out this quick two minute video callaway put together.

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