The Mastery of Golf and Why You Aren’t There Yet

How come you can’t just find it and keep it?

There is an elusive destination in golf we’re all chasing. Its a place where we hit every putt on line, hit every ball exactly how we want and we’re happy with every piece of our game. The problem is that place doesn’t exist, but we must constantly try to get there.

Embrace the pursuit.

Golf is a journey, a path, or any other cliche you can think of. For as long as you are in love with golf you will never reach your destination. The second you think “I’m there” a whole new world of goals leap into your head and then you’re hungry to get there.

Take Tiger Woods for example. He is unquestionably the best player in the world and arguably the greatest player of all time. He is always working on something. Whether it is trying to hit more fairways or add shots to his repertoire, there is always something that could get better. He knows better than anyone, you have to embrace the pursuit.

When you embrace the pursuit you stay in the moment and understand there is no “there”. This may sound discouraging to some, but it should actually be liberating. Work hard on your game, sweat over every last detail, but eliminate your discontent for where your game is at. Its a challenging game and it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t. The pursuit itself is making you better.

The masters of the game realize there is no mastery. They’ve embraced The Pursuit.

What is golf with out the pursuit?

Its a player at the range whacking ball after ball with no intent to accomplish anything. Why even go? They’re just wasting time. Whether they stop going or continue to mindlessly waste time, the pursuit is non-existent. The skills they have will begin to diminish and frustration may set in. Hopefully it does because that’s the only shot they have to get back on track. A golfer without The Pursuit is a golfer that’s getting worse.

The fact is, constantly trying to get there is as much about improvement as it is maintenance. You’ll never reach a point where you’re completely satisfied. If you do, that satisfaction won’t last for long. It’ll either be replaced by loftier goals or frustration from complacency.

Its an important step in every players development to embrace The Pursuit. You’re as good as you are because of it and you need it to be as good as you want. Find a quality source of golf information and continuously pursuit improvement.

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