Nike VR Pro Driver Review

nike vr pro driverOnce again, Nike has defied the odds, broken the rules, and completely revolutionized the game of golf, as we know it. Imagine more distance on each and every shot. Imagine more accuracy, beautifully integrated behind a powerful feel and arguably, Nike’s best looking club to date.

No more balls in the rough. No more balls in the sand. From now on, you dictate where you want them to land. How does that sound?

Introducing the new VR Pro Driver– easily ahead of its time is being compared to as one of the best drivers on the market today. Simply take the mantra, “Let’s imagine more. Imagine more options for more distance on more shots”. Notice how those words resonate within you. Realize that they don’t just form a cheesy slogan- they accurately describe the VR Pro in elegant fashion.

You want performance and that is exactly what this driver offers. But don’t take my word for it. Keep reading and learn why the VR Pro should be in every golfer’s repertoire.

Nike VR Pro Driver Key Features

When you use the VR Pro, you are guaranteed a number of things:

nike vr pro driver– Distance: On average, most golfers who make the switch from their original club to the VR Pro, increase they’re average swing by 5 to 10 yards. Who wouldn’t love that kind of leverage over the playing field? How can a club produce such extraordinary results? The newly designed and state-of-the-art Project X shaft has played a big part. Because of it, golfers are able to achieve milestones that, otherwise, would have been impossible.

– Accuracy: The VR Pro is very consistent off of the tee. Now you can pick shots and place them wherever you want. This equals more confidence for you thus, dramatically increasing your results. Don’t allow poor trajectory to ruin your game- it’s a thing of the past.

– Style: As the old saying goes, “At least we lost in style”. The VR Pro tends to make the worst golfers look good- and make the best ones look even better. For some golfers, style and performance go hand-in-hand. This solves that issue by providing a club which beautifully appeals to the eye. If you are looking for the perfect balance between playability and style, then the VR Pro might just be the perfect club for you.

– Forgiveness: The VR Pro is very forgiving- thanks to the new, built-in compression channel technology. Imagine a world where your weak, thin shots stick just as hard as the ones you hit solidly? Well that world is just a driver away. Gosh, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

– Playability: The Str8-Fit feature (which is built into the VR Pro) allows you to pick and choose where you want your shots to land. You’ll have descent shots if you hit the ball on the wrong spot of the face; not to mention lower launches overall, and your balls will have a tendency to sail much further than previously anticipated.

Here’s an excellent analogy to how the VR Pro actually operates:

Picture a trampoline. The more jump in the center, the higher you go. Jumping towards the outside tends to dampen your height. Pretty simple concept, wouldn’t you agree? Now, picture a piece of plywood on the trampoline. What happens? The entire piece will spring up at about the same height- regardless of where it was placed. According to Nike, that’s exactly what they are trying to accomplish- maximum rebound with a smaller amount of effort.

Str8-Fit Performance

Oh Nike, how do you come up with these things? Built into the club is something called Str8-Fit Face Angle technology. This allows you to open or close the face angle of the club to consistently promote a specific shot shape.

You can adjust the head of your club into 32 different positions ranging from 2 degrees open to 2 degrees closed. To translate, you can have up to 45 yards left-to-right adjustability using this feature.

The change-up itself is quite simple- a few turns with the included STR8-Fit wrench and you can move it to one of the other face angle options in under a minute. Also included is a diagram illustrating all 32 positions. This couldn’t be more user or time friendly.

What Are You Waiting For?

I have given you more than enough reasons to get up, grab your keys, and go buy this club right now. Or maybe, like me, you’re a hassle kind of person and like to keep things simple- order it online. Either way, find a way to get your hands on this club.

“No so fast, you didn’t mention anything about pricing”. You’re right. Shame on me.

The VR Pro is currently being advertised for about $479.99. Quite pricey…if this were an average driver. But this isn’t your average driver. It’s much more than that. In my opinion, for $479 you are getting the VR PRO for one hell of a discount and you would be crazy not to cash in on it.

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