Predictions for 2013 PGA Year

The 2013 Golf year will begin as exciting as 2012 ended. Last year saw many new challengers for best golfers in the world, so what can you expect this year? The 2013 season will continue to see the emergence of the younger golfers, while the older ones continue to struggle with the effects of age. The season will be jammed packed of interesting stories, making this year a very interesting year for golf. These are some of the predictions we can expect to see.

All four majors will be won by different golfers. This is because last year we saw some brilliant play by younger golfers. The reason not to expect one of them to win multiple championships is the simple factor of experience.

Sergio Garcia will gain his 9th and 10 wins. This will add him to a list of 107 other golfers with double digit wins in a career.

The U.S Open will see some of the lowest scores ever. The fact is the course is short, less than 7,000 yards. This will see some of the games short game players’ standout.

The media will continue to hound the league for punishment rules. This has been kept between the players and the PGA. All it will take is one more incident and we could see change.

Tiger Woods will win another major. The fact his play has been up and down makes it possible for him to put it together for one championship. 

The year will see Tiger and Mcllroy battle, making them the hottest pair for the public to see playing together. The people will follow this pairing with large crowds, which could even rival the Tiger vs. Phil rivalry.

Martin Kaymer will win Rookie of the Year. This player is going to turn some more heads with heated competitions amongst the game’s elite players. The German is going to be a star to watch.

Augusta National will once again receive negative press for its membership status towards women, yet another course will receive more negative press this year. The Muirfield, which host the British open has no female members, which will give the major some bad media attention. The British Open will continue to have entertaining golf, yet many fear the courses stance on women membership could take away the glamour of the event.

Tiger Woods will once again explode on a spectator. The difference this year is he will see more fines and endorsement losses from it. The fans of the PGA are getting sick with players treating paying fans with little respect.

Keegan Bradley will have an altercation with another player about his belly putter. The ban on belly putters takes effect in 2016, yet many players are still upset he and others will be allowed to use it this year. 

The season has been shortened; so many players will be in tournaments each week. This year should be filled with interesting courses and matchups. The season only has 40 events, and ends in September, and the 2014 season starts in October. So get into the swing of watch some of the best players in the world, this is going to be a fast paced year with many interesting story lines.

Jason is the owner of Gambling Junkie, offering free tips on Golf throughout the year

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