Puma Cell Fusion Golf Shoes Review

puma cell fusion golf shoesThere is nothing more satisfying than winning in style. That’s where the Puma cell fusion golf shoes come into play. As you might already know, Puma has been producing shoes for years and they’ve grown into a very reputable company. Recently, they’ve decided to expanded their customer base and begin making golf shoes- giving us the Puma Cell Fusion shoes.

What Do The Puma Cell Fusion Golf Shoes Look Like?

These shoes look good- the best in the Puma golf shoe line. They are white with a black Puma logo and a black slope which runs up the side of the shoe. Words don’t give it justice. The shoes have an original style to them.

If you looked through the Puma line, you couldn’t find another shoe which matches the design of the Cell Fusion. To truly admire this shoe, you have to get a pair for yourself.

When you open the box, you’ll immediately notice what Puma was trying to accomplish: a traditional and classic look that appeals to most clothing but also doesn’t visually impede concentration. The problem with some newer “stylish” shoes is they have designs which look awesome, but they actually become a distraction.

Puma had this problem in mind when creating the Cell Fusion. Thus, they developed the “hybrid” of golf shoes- style and performance.

Puma Cell Fusion Feel And Comfort

If you are looking for a shoe that is comfortable and enhances performance, then the Puma Cell Fusion golf shoes might be for you. First off, they are made from full-grain leather which is far better than the standard “rough n’ tough” style shoes which are offered today. The inner cells of the mid-sole serve as a great source for comfort and stability. You can slip in and out with ease and the leather is soft enough that it won’t bother your feet.

One thing you might notice with the Puma Cell Fusion’s is that walking seems effortless- almost like you are treading on air. The material absolutely caters to the curves of your feet and toes and absorbs a lot of the harsh terrain you might find yourself walking on.

The push off is easy and the power it provides is phenomenal. If you take golf seriously, you’re spending at least 4 to 8 hours at a time, in your golf shoes. Don’t you want a shoe that withstand the physical abuse on your feet and keep you feeling comfortable all day long?

Puma Cell Fusion Performance

Finally, the final segment of this review- and most important I think. You see, style is good when it can “walk the walk” so to speak. But hype is overrated. We want results. Luckily, the Puma Cell Fusion series isn’t all hype. It delivers excellent performance.

First of all, the shoes are built with smart quill spikes. These are located at the bottom of the shoe and can be adjusted into various positions so that you can find the one which serves your stance best. The quills are also removable which is great if they ever go bad or one breaks off. You can find them relatively cheap at most golf retailers.

These quills help performance tremendously. They prevent slippage- a common problem on wet courses- and encourage a more powerful shot. Also, the quills do a great job of avoiding mud clumps. On most shoes, a simple walk through a wet course turns into a mud haven for the bottom of your shoe. With the Cell Fusion, this problem tends to happen a lot less often.

Finally, no golfer can fully concentrate on their game when water is seeping into their shoes. This is a huge distraction and it can be a pain in the rear having to trot a course all day long dealing with water logged socks. The Puma Cell Fusions practically eliminate this problem by being made of water resistant leather. Tally up another point on the performance scale!


Unfortunately, even the best things in life aren’t “perfect”. These shoes barely made the mark though. The only problem I’ve found is that Puma, for some odd reason, made the soles a little narrower than I would like. I asked a few other golfers and they agree- length to width ratio is slightly off and might bother you at FIRST. However, after a day or so, this problem is a distant memory once they are broken in.

I like the performance and smart quill technology. If you are looking for a shoe that carries a perfect mix of playability and style, then the Puma Cell Fusion’s should be an ideal choice.

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