Renegade Mental Training for Golf Review

renegade mental golf review Working on the mental game is a bit like weight lifting. If we aren’t actively trying to improve our mindset on the golf course, its getting worse.

I had the chance to review the Renegade Mental Training for Golf System, and I found it to be a complete tool box of strategies any player can use to master their mental game.

The problem I found with other mental game programs was, they’re all TOO GENERAL. They tell you what you should be doing, but they never explain HOW TO DO IT.

Other programs tell stories about PGA Tour players and the success they’ve had, but they leave out the most important part. They don’t provide specific strategies and exercises that will build your ideal mind out on the golf course. That is exactly where Renegade Mental Training is different. Along with legitimate theory, it provides step by step “how to” on developing a better mental approach.

When Stephen Ladd initially sent me his program for review, I was a bit skeptical. The mental game is so vague, and open ended, anybody can claim to be an “expert.” That is also why I was surprised when Stephen offered up his entire program with confidence. Once I got my eyes on that first eBook, I was blown away with how unique, and effective his techniques are.

Renegade Mental Training Is All About Results

He doesn’t care if you like it. He doesn’t care if you THINK it could or could not work. He only cares about creating real, measurable improvements in your results. I spent two hours studying his materials before I went out and played. I didn’t finish the whole program at once, but that was enough for me to go out and shoot 68, and my lowest round of the summer.

What Is The Renegade Mental Golf Program?

The program combines 3 mental game “technologies” that are designed to make any player, of any ability, better at golf. I had only heard of two of the three techniques before I got my hands on the program. The three major techniques used in the program are:

– Hypnosis
– Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
– Energy Psychology

Like most of you, I had heard of hypnosis before, but as it turns out, my perception of it was inaccurate. I always thought hypnosis was like tricking your mind into believing something when you’re in an altered state. That is wrong.

Hypnosis is simply allowing your mind to reach a relaxed state where change can be made. Once you get there, any input is more easily accepted. The audio tracks included in the Renegade Mental Training for Golf help you reach that relaxed state, then they guide you towards making real changes.

I have been a long time fan of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and when I saw it was part of the system, I knew it was heading in the right direction. Basically NLP is using language to effect our mind and our emotional state. In other words it is consciously choosing our words and our actions to affect the way we feel.

The video below is an example of a common NLP technique called “anchoring.”

An Example of NLP Directly From Stephen Ladd

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The last piece Ladd uses is called Energy Psychology. I didn’t find a detailed explanation inside the system. Based on what was included I found that energy psychology is rewiring our energy to produce a different response to particular stimulus.

The example of this used in the system is, when our inner critic flares up, our response should be to deal with it and disregard it. We shouldn’t entertain it for longer than it takes to disregard it.

Energy Psychology is completely new to me and I’m still not positive I completely understand it. None the less, it did seem to be a new way to confront common issues players have.

How Does Renegade Mental Training for Golf Work?

This is where it REALLY separates itself from every other program out there.

Every other mental game book, or CD I’ve read is filled with wishy-washy concepts and theories, that are idealistic and impossible to sustain long term. In other words, it can be difficult to actually apply what other mental game books are teaching.

This system includes specific exercises, strategies and techniques you can use right now, and well into the future. It literally gives you a road map that will lead you to developing an iron clad mental game. It is like you’re working 1-on-1 with your own personal mental game coach.

A Sample Exercise From Renegade Mental Golf

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What Is Included In The Renegade Mental Training System?

renegade mental golf review
I was impressed with how deep the training program is. It includes…

– 65 page full color eBook
– 3 Pre-Round coaching audio tracks
– 5 Hypnosis audio tracks
– 5 Bonus training modules

For the price of the program, I was surprised at how in-depth it was.

Should You Buy Renegade Mental Golf?

If you have been working on your mental game with limited or no success, I definitely think this program could be what gets you over the hump.

It is best suited for players that feel like they aren’t getting the full potential out of their game because their head keeps getting in the way.

If this sounds like you, CLICK HERE to get the complete Renegade Mental Training for Golf System.

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