Scotty Cameron California Series Putters

scotty cameron california seriesLeave it to Scotty Cameron to create a line of putters so “amazing”, that it has swept the golf community and stirred up a lot of hype. But do these putters really live up to all the media exposure? I love Mr. Cameron, however, if I am going to spend $500 on one of his putters, I want to be sure that its playability can match the price tag.

First off, you might find it interesting to know that, according to statistics, Eleven 2010 PGA Tour events were won by players using Scotty’s putters. Is this a coincidence? I don’t believe so. I’ll share some information to to support that belief.

Four Different California Series Putter Models

The California Series Putters consist of four, very distinct models: the Monterey, the Sonoma, the Coronado, and the Del Mar. Do you see a resemblance? If not, maybe you should take another geography class because these four models were named after Scotty Cameron’s favorite spots in California. Hey, this method for naming products is as good as any if you ask me.

Not to mention it gives off a sense of exclusivity- very nice.

California Series Features

Now, let’s move on to the good stuff. Sure, these putters have catchy names and were branded by a legendary designer- but can they better your game? First of all, they have 303 heads which equates to a couple of things: a better feel than most putters and good distance control. After being hand-dipped in a glossy finish, the final product exudes style and excellence.

The stock head weights are 360, 350, and 340 grams and the selected weighting technology allows you to interchange them as you please. Okay, Scotty I like where you are taking this, but you haven’t reeled me in quite yet. What else does this line have to offer?

California Series Monterey Putter

scotty cameron california series monterey
This bad-boy is considered one of the better putters on the line- and for good reason. It has a toe that hangs at about 4 o’ clock (favoring the natural arc you seek in a putting stroke) which helps in the control department from above average ranged putts. This putter also excels in handling and feel and it probably gives off the best “sense of control” that you will be able to find.

Finally, the Monterey has a plump sweet spot. More times than not, when you make contact, you will be making a solid hit. On the occasional miss hit it offers a fair share of forgiveness. This is a nice feature to an already great club. The high toe profile aids in alignment and further eliminates the tendency to move the toe at address.

California Series Sonoma Putter

scotty cameron california series sonoma
This putter portrays a very classic design and still offers the playability that you search for in a club. Aside from looking good, it is milled with 303-stainless steel and really offers a solid “thump” when hitting the ball. It also has a drafted sole which helps align the putter and keep it in line with your shot.

It comes in three different lengths: 33”, 34”, and 35” that come with perfectly weighted heads that can be interchanged to better suit your individual style. You also have the option of changing your lie (up or down 2 degrees).

California Series Coronado Putter

scotty cameron california series coronado
This putter was designed to perfectly suit the above average player. The balance is great and the feel is exceptional. The shaft is seamless and the neck flows for a great overall sense of style. By using the circular weights which come with the putter, you can change the weight of the club by changing them out from the bottom.

Like the rest of the series, it was cast in 303-stainless steel. It provides excellent sound and feedback and is the ultimate in distance control. Finally, the overall structure of the Coronado putter is aimed to provide you with above average accuracy.

California Series Del Mar Putter

scotty cameron california series delmar
Finally, we have the Del Mar style putter. This one is a mid-mallet style putter. It was designed for ultimate control and distance handling. The locations of the bottom weights are strategically placed (slightly different from the others) to reduce face rotation during impact and the follow through. It also helps increase forgiveness and promotes better accuracy.

The high-toe set up on the Del Mar helps golfers avoid their most common flaw- raising the toe end of the putter up at the address. This often leads the golfer to shoot too far left than straight on. This is a simple fix to an annoying problem.


Okay Scotty, you win. Your putters do match the hype they’ve been giving off. They are brilliantly designed, can dramatically help your game, and don’t leave your pockets empty at the end of the day.

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