Srixon Z-URS and Z-Star Golf Ball Review

srixon golf ballsSrixon golf balls (as a whole) are severely underrated. They are excellent balls that don’t receive the attention I think they deserve. I’ll admit- I used to be a skeptic when it came to this department.

Nike was my one and only companion on the golf course. However, as of late, I’ve been changing my approach and trying new brands of equipment. In this article, I’ll cover my experience with the Srixon balls and let you know if you are making a good buy…

Srixon Z-URS Golf Ball Series

This isn’t the best line of balls in the Srixon series, but I figured I would cover them anyways since most people tend to buy them. First of all, these balls are soft. They have a thin cover, which offers a little more spins on difficult shots. One thing I really like about this ball is that the logo blends in very easily which takes away from the distraction you might find on heavily coated balls.

The ball has exceptional feel and contact from the tee to the green. The 95 built-in compression help keep the distance while the urethane cover offers the softest ever created in the series. It provides great ball control allowing you to shape your shots and approach the pin at will.

I was very impressed by how well I was able to control my distance and how I was able to specifically place my short game shots. To put simply, accuracy and feel were not a factor with these balls. The 330 dimple pattern tremendously launches the ball and has produces very strong wind penetration- great for less than ideal weather.

This ball is good but it’s slowly being overrun by the Z-Star (which I am about to cover). Keep reading and let’s see what this series has to offer…

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Series

This is a breakthrough ball which has made a huge impact on the golf community. It is softer and produces more spin than any other ball of its series. When constructed, the geniuses over at Srixon designed the ball into three distinct parts:

-Cover: is about .002 inches of urethane cover and helps control shots. As you can see, this is extremely thin. If you do your research, you would find out that most balls (on average) don’t even come close to this benefit.

-Mid-layer: made from a special type of plastic and helps control spin on longer distance shots. After shooting a 60-yard shot onto the green, I accidentally over hit my mark by about 10 yards. Luckily, thanks to the excessive ball control and spin, I was able to spin it back about 10 yards thus, making my putt much, much easier.

-Core: The core is made from a specific gradient that lowers compression and gives good distance but doesn’t feel hard. Also, like the other balls in the series it has a very non-distracting logo which is something I like a lot.

Overall, the ball doesn’t sacrifice a lot of distance. I played with this ball during a hefty 12-hour golf session and it lasted me the entire day! Not only that, but it didn’t seem or feel damaged at all. I was extremely surprised by this and finally came to the conclusion: this ball had a better chance of getting lost before it would get too rough to play with! I can’t prove this but I can tell you, this ball is the most durable one you’ll find on the market today.

Another thing I noticed: this ball works awesome from the rough, sand, and other surfaces. My recoveries were better than usual and I actually felt “in control” of each shot. Could it have been because of the ball? Or did I just play better? I can’t be totally sure but I if I was a betting man, I would risk my shirt on the fact that it was the ball.


The ball definitely lives up to the hype. Or more specifically, the entire series lives up to the promises made and they will better your game. If you are looking for better ball control, higher spin rates, and a trajectory that will pierce through even the strongest wind, try the Srixon golf ball series. It could make the difference between being an “okay” player, and an “exceptional” one.

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