The Putting Trainer Jackpot!

For quite a while I have been searching for my collection of the best putting aids available. During a trip over to my mom’s house for Sunday dinner, I went digging through the garage to see if I could “strike putting gold.” What I came out with was more than just gold, it was my putting trainer jackpot!

I’m an advocate of training aids. They keep you focused and they create an anchor of success that you can go to during a round. Nobody says you have to try and do it alone.

When I opened the bag, what I found inside was better than I remembered.

Inside I found:
– Two Aimpoint Aimcharts
– Exelys Break Master
– Digital Metronome
– Spool of String
– Bullseye Cup by Eyeline
– Alignment Mirror by Eyeline

The combination of these six putting aids have developed my abilities better, and quicker than anything else I have tried. I’ll go through each and explain a little bit about how it can be used to help you improve.

Aimpoint Aimcharts
These are the reason why Aimpoint green reading is so effective. If you aren’t familiar with Aimpoint, it is a green reading method that enhances your ability to find the break of every putt on the green. Once you learn the fundamental aspects of what actually matters to determine the break, “the chart” gives you the amount of break based on where you are on the green. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend checking out a clinic by John Graham.

Exelys Break Master
The Break Master is a really good companion tool for Aimpoint. To use it, you set it down on the green and it tells you the severity of the slope as a number, along with an arrow that points towards the downhill direction. It works great for learning Aimpoint because these are two key variables needed to accurately find the break of a putt. If you would like one, you can pick up a break master from Amazon here.

Digital Metronome
Finding your rhythm on the putting green should be a top priority anytime you’re putting in some work. A simple, electronic metronome, with multiple paces, is a great way to ingrain a rhythm you are comfortable with. It can be particularly useful on the range also. It is a good device for finding a consistent tempo all around. The one I have is 10+ years old, but here is an inexpensive one from Amazon.

Spool of String
I always like going a bit “McGiver” when I practice. I normally tie a long piece of string to two tees or golf pencils. I find a straight putt, plug one tee/pencil in behind the center of the cup, and the other a few inches behind me. This creates a straight line which I use as a guide to hit straight putts. It creates a great visual that has worked well for me. It enhances my ability to visualize the line my putt will be rolling on.

Bullseye Cup from Eyeline
There are a lot of different aids you can use when you practice that make you feel like you have on ankle weights. The Bullseye Cup is one of the better ones at doing that. You fit it in the hole, and it reduces the size of it. If you are trying to hit a breaking putt, it forces you to hit it with perfect speed and direction in order for it to go in. It is an inexpensive tool, and something I’ve used a lot. You can get it from Amazon here.

Alignment Mirror from Eyeline
This is hands down my favorite training aid of all time. When my putting goes bad, it is typically because my putter face is closed at setup. The mirror gets me back to what is best, and it has just enough guides in it to set me straight. This is something you can use on the putting green or in your living room. It gives you good feed back on where your eyes are over the ball as well. This thing is A+ all around. You can get one from Amazon here.

Now you have my ultimate suite of putting aids. Do you have any cool putting training aids you use, that aren’t on the list? I’m a strong advocate for using external devices to improve. Finding the right ones, and sticking with them is important.

**All amazon links, are affiliate links.

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