The Truth About Confidence And Your Golf Game

This is a guest post by Dayne Gingrich

Because today’s players are so physically gifted and incredibly athletic, many believe separation from the field is almost impossible.

I agree that golf is deeper than it’s ever been, but I don’t believe that separation from the pack is as unattainable as is being suggested by the “experts.” In my opinion, no matter the level of play, one fact remains constant: What you think, and how you choose to perceive each moment, will ultimately dictate your long term outcome.

Confidence Is NOT Results Based

It’s been taught that confidence is based on results. If you play at a high level, you’re confidence will increase. If you perform poorly, your confidence will (and should) decrease. It’s true, when you’re playing well, confidence will definitely rise, creating a snowball of momentum. But here’s where I take another stance, and believe this next point is where the elite stand out from the rest: They understand confidence is a choice!

The Truth About Confidence

Confidence doesn’t have to strictly be results-based. No matter the type of shot you hit or the round you played, you have a choice to draw from past moments when you were playing your best, and incorporate them into your present thinking. Nothing can stop you from believing in your capabilities — not a bad shot, score, peer, or coach. You’re in total control of what you think of yourself.

The key to sustaining this confidence, however, isn’t simply the THOUGHT of those positive moments. The main ingredient is the emotion it elicits. Drawing from past confident situations is simply about tapping into the emotion of the moment, and incorporating it into right now.

It’s counter intuitive to think you can feel good about your game when you’re playing poorly, because that’s all you’ve been taught. You’ve been programmed to believe that you must be a slave to results — the result of your play determines your level of confidence. This, in my opinion, is false and is a key factor holding most players from reaching their next plateau.

The stress that this type of belief initiates can be paralyzing, and make performing well consistently almost impossible. If, instead, you understood that you’re in total control of your confidence levels, regardless of outcome, an instant peace over your long term process becomes possible.

Make The Choice

This choice is a mindset, and needs to be practiced on a regular basis. Because it’s become habitual to believe poor play equals less confidence, it’s important to take time each day to create new, more powerful mental habits. Commit yourself to focusing on the specifics that make you believe you deserve to reach the next level — feel the emotion those details create.

Become immersed and mentally get lost in the feeling of confidence you can consciously manifest. You’re not a slave to results. Self-belief is in your hands at all times. Focus on why you deserve success, the details of the situation, and the intense positive emotion they elicit. Control your confidence.

Dayne Gingrich is a former professional athlete now creating 1% mindsets. He believes to separate from the pack you must turn barriers into opportunities by focusing on what you think, say, and choose to believe. You can read more from Dayne at his website, Coach Your Mind.

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