Tour Striker Review

tour striker reviewYour impact position is all that matters. Let me say that again…YOUR IMPACT POSITION IS ALL THAT MATTERS!! Ok ok ok, sorry, I won’t yell at you again. But for real, your impact position is all that matters.

Every change you make, every adjustment, tip, trick and technique is developed to help you get in a better position at impact. Given that incontestable fact, I believe the Tour Striker deserves a good hard look from every average and above average player.

How Does The Tour Striker Work?

A major problem among amateurs is releasing the club too early, scooping, picking, flipping, casting or any other case of an over anxious club head. This is the equivalent of new players placing ambitious bets on every hand during a game of Party Poker – they might have high hopes for success, but this isn’t usually the best way of going about it. The Tour Striker club head is designed in a way that forces you to keep your hands in front of the ball ALL THE WAY THROUGH IMPACT! Sorry, I forgot no yelling, but this review has me a bit fired up.

tour striker reviewThe Tour Striker is designed to force players to improve their impact position by forcing them to keep their hands in front of the ball. It does this with an extra-large, exaggerated sole that takes up space usually occupied by the club face on a normal club. The Tour Striker isn’t normal though. It forces players to hit down on the ball, keep their hands out front.

What Is The Knock On The Tour Striker?

Players who prefer to pick the ball say it forces them to make too drastic of a change. My response is…Don’t you want to get better at golf!? If you don’t make any changes (a.k.a. improvements), you’re going to go day-in and day-out shooting the same scores you always did. Where do you think lower scores come from? They come from real improvements…just in case you were wondering.

Should You Buy The Tour Striker?

In case you’ve been in a coma for the first half of this review…yes, I think you should buy the Tour Striker. If the thing feels way uncomfortable to start, that’s a good thing. The more you work with it, the better your impact position will become.

tour striker reviewWith out leaving the scope of this review, improving the way your hands work through your golf swing, improving your impact position, hitting down on it, and keeping your hands in front of the ball…all of that is going to make you more consistent. It will reduce the “timing” you need to have in your hands and you will be able to deliver the golf club to the same spot at impact, over and over again.

“I’m Sold Where Can I Buy It”

If you aren’t sold, go hit 122 more high spinning slices and think about it. If you want to pick one up, there are a few different models to choose from.

Different Lofts
You can get the Tour Striker in a number of different lofts. There is a 5 iron, 8 iron and even a 56 degree sand wedge model. I particularly like the SW because of the short game benefits it offers too.

Different Shaft Flex
You will be hitting full shots with the club, so it comes in a stiff and regular flex shaft. This makes it a more useful practice tool. You will be able to get real feed back with no excuse about the shaft being too firm or too weak.

Buy The Tour Striker On Amazon

I did some shopping around and the best price was at Amazon. Follow the link below and pick out the model that fits your needs.

Click Here To Buy The Tour Striker From Amazon

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