There is a ton of great golf information available through ebooks. Unfortunately there is a lot more that’s not so good.

To help you find high quality golf information you can trust. I have put together a best seller list. On this list “Best” has everything to do with value and nothing to do with quantity.

#1 Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
by Ben Hogan

While this technically isn’t an ebook.  There shouldn’t be any book list anywhere that doesn’t have this at #1.  Hogan covers every aspect of the golf swing and explains it all in detail.  All of the information he shared has made the modern golf swing what it is today.  It is all still relevant and a must read for anyone looking to improve.

#2 Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game
By Dr. Joseph Parent

The insight in Zen Golf parallels no other mental game golf book. Dr. Joesph Parent knows the human mind and what needs to happen for improvement to occur. This always a must read (or listen) before any of my tournaments and its always the first mental game book I recommend.

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